General Supply Services

We Do General Supply Services

We offer export, distribution, installation and technical services; with a qualified staff to advise our potential clients in the purchase of their products and equivalents for the industry.

We provide high technology products, oriented towards supplying the petroleum, petrochemical and general industries as per their needs.

we focus on providing solutions that represent and provide a real value to our customers, providing all in electrical materials hardware and everything related to the petroleum business, electrical installations, elaboration of electrical panels, electrical maintenance services, installation of public street lighting and instrumentation services.

o Lubricants (Engine Oil etc.) UEA

 o Filters of all types for best producers in the World USA &INDIA .

o  DRILL BITS, PDC BITS & PUMPS, DRILLING SUPPLIES from one among the best producer and supplier from APEX METAL INDUSTRIES Canada.  

o All types of LG products from INDIA.

o Warehousing intermediary and management services

o Facility Management Services

o Heavy Equipment hiring services 

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